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Full Product List

Alphabetic listing of warehouse organizational supplies offered by Shelf Tag Supply

Click on a picture for product description, sizes, prices
Adhesive Characters
adhesive letter number strips
Letter & number strips
Adhesive Foam Tape
roll of thick strong adhesive tape
Strong tape in a roll
Adhesive Labels
8-1/2 x 11 sheets of blank peel and stick labels
Wide range of sizes
Aisle Pouch Signs
aisle signs with clear pocket
Easy access to forms
Aisle Signs
rack signs for location lettering
Magnetic or adhesive
Aisle Traffic Signs
indoor traffic flow signs
Indoor STOP and YIELD
Arrow Labels
red or black arrow label
Directional indicators
Card Sheets
perforated color card stock
Perforated, many colors
Card & Ticket Holders
card holder with adhesive or magnetic strip backed
Magnetic or adhesive strips
Card Holder Tags
clear pocket with hanging hole
Clear hanging pockets
Card, Ticket Pouches
clear pockets for cards, tickets
Adhesive, magnetic, hang
Card Holder Covers
clear plastic covers for channel cards
Protect cards in c-channels
C-Channel Magnetic
fully magnetic card holder for slide in cards
Magnetic rubber cardholder
C-Channel Plastic
product card holder with adhesive or magnetic backing
Adhesive or magnetic back
Character Sets
sheets of A-Z and 0-9 in black or white
Sheet of letters, numbers
Cinch Straps
plastic ties in 3 lengths
Plastic ties for holders/signs
Clear Grip Holders
flap holds cards and tickets
Secure & hold cards
Cold Temp Labels
Labels for freezers, refrigerators
In freezers, refrigerators
Color Dots
small color dots
Sheets of small circles
Color Label Printing
we print your labels
Custom printed for you
Color Stickers & Dots
color dots for warehouse tasks
Custom content available
Custom Lettering
color characters on one convenient piece
Vinyl, one-piece grouping
Custom Labels
laminated labels to your specs
Tough, laminated barcodes
Custom Signs
Safety danger sign
Your own printed design
Document Signs
sign with pouch to hold stock paperwork
1 or 2 pouches on a sign
Dry Erase Magnets
color, write on magnets for dry erase pens
Write-on color magnets
End-of-Rack Signs
rack flue signs
Back-to-back rack flues
End-Stop Cardholders
holds product cards for warehouse picking
Holds multiple pick cards
Flat Metal Signs
aluminum and steel custom signs for warehouses
Custom aluminum or steel
Flat Plastic Signs
custom plastic signs for racks, walls, doors
Custom white or yellow
Flexible Card Holders
rack holders and mounts that flex
Bends when bumped
Floor Marking Tapes
color safety and traffic marking tapes
Solid & striped colors
Floor Symbols
color arrows and circles as floor indicators
Color arrows & dots
Floor Tape Applicator
steel dispenser for tape rolls
Steel roll-on dispenser
Grommet Holders
vinyl card holders with corner holes
Rugged, 8-guage vinyl
Grommet Pouches
clear pockets with 4 hanging holes
Four hanging holes
Hanging Signs
custom flat, triangular, cube and angled signs
Flat, triangular or cube
Hang Sign Hardware
sign hanging chain, mounts, hooks
Chain, mounts, hooks
Heavy Duty Pouches
strong, reinforced holders
Rugged, reinforced holders
Inventory Tags 2-Part
tags with tear off top sheet
Carbonless top copy
Inventory Tags Stub
pre-printed tags with tear off stub
Perforated tear off stub
Label Dispensers
label and sticker dispenser
Holds sticker & label rolls
Label Mount Blanks
plain plastic mounts
Plain, plastic mounts
Label Mount Tags
tags with ties for label hanging
For label or to write-on
program for label creation
Label printing software
Letters & Numbers
color vinyl characters for signs
Vinyl characters for signs
Magnetic Labels
custom bar coding on magnets
Custom bar codes
Magnet Label Mounts
magnet roll for label mounting
Magnet roll to be cut
Magnetic Letters, #s
individual character magnets
Single character magnets
Magnetic Symbols
custom cut, color magnetic shapes
Color characters & shapes
Magnetic Tape Roll
roll of magnet with adhesive backing
Cut roll,magnetize items
Magnetic Vinyl Signs
custom magnetic sign
Color letters & numbers
Man-Down Holders
multiple bar codes on one placement
Bar codes for all rack levels
Markers & Pens
dry-erase markers and damp-erase pens
Dry erase & damp erase
Metrics Boards
warehouse metrics board
Track & display measures
Moveable Unit Labels
custom paper labels for tracking items
Track progress by location
One-Piece Rack Tags
plastic tag with built-in hanging strap
Plastic tag/strap combo
Pouch Tags
card holder tags with vinyl pocket
Clear pocket with tie strap
Printed Signs
Safety danger sign
100+ warehouse designs
Projecting Wall Signs
two or three view custom plastic signs
2-view flat, 3-view angled
Property ID Labels
custom labels for asset identification
Durable, custom, two-color
Rack Card Holders
magnetic card holder for racks
Full adhesive or magnetic
Rack Grip Holders
grip card holder for racks
Flexible, holds a card
Rack Load Markers
display maximum permissible weight limits
Maximum permissibles
Retro-Reflect. Labels
display maximum permissible weight limits
Long range scanning
Sealtite Holders
pocket protects card and contents
Resists splashes & smears
Sealtite Pouches
re-sealable paperwork holders
Resealable protection
Shelf Label Holders
use your adhesive label in a pouch holder
Insert label in clear pouch
Shelf Label Magnets
label magnets for easy relocating
For relocating bar codes
Shelf Lip Mounts
mount to extend shelf face for larger labels
Extend lip for larger labels
Sign Blanks
white or yellow plain, plastic signs
Plain white or yellow
Snap Rings
3/4 inch plastic holder rings
For hanging tags, reusable
Status Indicators
two-way signal with sliding cover
Sliding red/green signal
Status Bars
sliding indicator with built-in card holder
Signal with card holder
Status Boards
group of status indicator bars on a sign board
Grouped status bars
Tubular Card Holders
clear, slide in plastic card holding tube
Clear, slide-in holders
Wire Deck Mounts
wire decking card holders & label mounts
Card holders, label mounts
Wire Rack Holders
pouch tag with ties to wire rack
Clear, hanging pouch tags
Wire Rack Tags
hanging label tag includes plastic ties
Write-on or label
Write-on Magnets
mark data on write-on/wipe-off magnet
Product location data

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